Batonic Music

Batonic Music, founded & headed by Dr. Yvette Devereaux, is an organization designed to meet the needs of the professional and non professional musical artist alike. Do you have lyrics that you want to turn into a song? Are you a poet that would like music to go with their poetry? Batonic will help you to realize your artistic vision and make it happen! We offer a number of services, specializing in the areas of Artist Development, Music Transcription, and Music Publishing.


Artist Development

After a complimentary interview to explore your artistic goals, as every individual’s aspirations are unique, we can assist you with anything from General Career Development, and Recording, to Production, and Management.


Music Transcription

A service for Individuals and groups who want their songs turned into sheet music, we will transcribe it for you and format it so it looks just like what you’d find in a store. You can get a score, a lead sheet, a lyric sheet, a rhythm chart, chords, tabs and if you write a lot of songs and would like to have them published…


Music Publishing

Batonic offers music publishing services as well! We’re all about securing your personal creativity, helping you copyright, duplicate, and deliver your published material. We are constantly on the look-out for talented musicians, singers, poets, and rappers. However we are very conscientious and careful regarding our publishing service because of the infinite life of publishing relationships, so we require an interview before negotiating commissions and agreements.


The combination of quality, efficiency, and experience make Batonic’s services a value well beyond expectations. Schedule your appointment today!